Five Apps for Each Foodie Type

Food always forms a crucial aspect of the survival and health of everyone across the world. Because of this, food apps have mushroomed, which prove useful to foodies in a similar fashion to the “do my homework now”  service when it comes to students and their assignments. It requires a tap of a button to book a restaurant table, get recipe concepts, or order in food.

Technological advancements have led to increased connectivity and access to the internet and tech devices. Subsequently, it has expanded the market reach for most food companies, which in turn started to aggressively market their products online. Additionally, the same companies took advantage of the platform to provide services and goods. The latest change in strategy means customers can easily access products online, and this includes food products.

So what food apps can you consider to save you money and time when it comes to matters of food?

Five Crucial Food Apps 

  • Order In. It’s one of the first app-based delivery services options developed for South Africans. The app comes in handy for lazy nights where you lack the enthusiasm to cook a meal. Instead, you can quickly order some food from your chosen restaurant from around the country and get it delivered to your doorstep. The app also features another option where you can pick your food order instead of having it delivered to your home. The app comes for free and applies to devices operating on Android and iOS platforms.
  • EatOut. The app applies to organized individuals who love eating out. It got launched earlier in the year and allows you to make restaurant reservations at any time. Additionally, it boasts a larger restaurant directory than most apps, and therefore, you get an array of opportunities to pick from. Another positive thing about the app entails the provision to share your information concerning your reservations, map, and directions for your guests. It (EatOut) comes free of charge and can operate on Android and iOS run devices.
  • Krispy Kreme. The app proves a favorite for anyone who has a sweet tooth and loves food. It has similarities with Starbucks reward application because of its loyalty inclination. For each purchase, you get to earn points that can translate to free treats such as doughnuts, etc. the app also allows you to indulge in some special offers ahead of anyone else. The app operates on Android and iOS platforms and comes free of charge.
  • Clean & Green Eating. It’s an app that proves perfect for green foodies who prefer eating clean. You can access over two hundred recipes over the platform, which makes it ideal for everyday use. Additionally, the app contains a unique feature that can allow you to list your available ingredients and possible recipe matchups you can make. It costs fifty-seven South African rands and can operate on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Braai nation. It’s a seven-year-old app, though the experience always proves refreshing. The app features braai recipes and tips that aim at guiding you in making the braai experience memorable. It comes free of charge and operates on Android and iOS platforms.

Food forms a crucial part in making life possible and as such, you should consider the above-outlined food apps to experience food without stress.



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