Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love

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We have all been yearning for that peaches and cream, radiant and blemish free complexion.  What is the secret of a glowing skin? The answer lies in the humble fruit baskets sitting on our kitchen counters.

Supermarket shelves are flooded with cosmetics and moisturizers. There is no dearth of makeup products, which promise to beautify our skin. But too much chemicals on the skin lead to problems like acne and blemishes. They are harmful if used over a long period of time. So, people nowadays are looking at natural ways to take care of their skin. Our skin loves natural products, which have no side effects.

Though genes play an important role in determining skin texture and tone, with proper diet and skin care, it is possible to have baby soft, smooth and healthy skin. A diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants is the key. Fruits are excellent gifts from nature, packed with all these vital nutrients. Whether you eat them whole, juice them or use as face masks, fruits go a long way in improving skin texture and complexion.

I have compiled a list of fruits with their beneficial properties. Also, you can find some easy do- it -yourself fruit face mask preparations. Visit your supermarket to stock or order from fruit baskets uk and try these out.

Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love


Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fatty acids. Whether you eat one or apply it as a face mask, it keeps the skin moisturized and soft.  Avocados contain antioxidant carotenoids like lutein, alpha and beta carotene. These compounds protect the skin from UV damage and controls premature aging.

Avocado and cucumber face mask: Mix equal amounts of avocado and cucumber and blend them well. Apply this on the face and neck 2 to 3 times a week for visibly smooth and clear skin.

Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love


Dubbed as the “Fruit of Angels,” papaya works wonders on the skin both internally and externally.  This tropical fruit is rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium, carotene, Vitamins A, C and K and contains an enzyme called papain, which has many health benefits. It lightens the skin colour, cleanses it and treats dark spots. Papaya being a low cost fruit; it is easy to incorporate it in our daily diet.

Papaya face mask: Apply mashed papaya regularly on the skin. It acts like natural bleach and keeps the skin blemish free.

Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love


Peaches offer more than just their juicy and delicious taste. They are a powerhouse of nutrients. Being rich in Vitamin C, they plough away the dead cells revealing fresh and radiant skin below. Most skin care products contain peaches as main ingredient due to their excellent hydrating and anti ageing properties.

Peach and Yoghurt face mask for dry skin: Apply a paste of peach and yoghurt on dry skin for some time and rinse off with warm water. It will moisturize the skin and keep it baby soft.

Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, limes and lemons with their sweet tangy taste and fresh fragrance are a dieter’s delight. They contain very few calories; can be eaten raw, juiced or pickled. Citrus fruits are laden with Vitamin C, which moisturizes tones and brightens the face.

Orange body scrub: Dry orange peels and grind them into powder. Store this in a container. Make a paste of this powder with milk and use as body scrub.

Frozen citrus cubes are excellent remedy for acne.

Five Fruits Your Skin Will Love


Largely known as a luxury fruit, the strawberry contains salicylic acid and ellagic acid, which are known to reduce hyper pigmentation and dark spots. The fruit is a store house of vitamins and minerals with anti ageing properties.

Strawberry and honey face mask: A paste of strawberry and honey when applied on the skin, peels off the dead skin cells. The abrasive nature of this fruit makes it an excellent exfoliant. Honey cleanses and soothes the skin.

Now we have enough reasons to include fruits in our shopping list. Make fruits a part of your lifestyle.



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