Five High Paying Jobs That Don't Need a Bachelor's Degree

As a general rule of thumb, jobs that require a bachelor’s degree usually pay higher than jobs that don’t. Nonetheless, some rules are there to be broken, with many options not actually requiring a higher level of education. The hard part can be knowing where to start. To help you find that dream job that doesn’t require you to go to college, this guide has been specially created. Read on now for five high-paying jobs that you can dive straight into upon finishing your high school diploma.


A trucking job usually starts at around $50,000 a year, as well as very generous benefits and lots of paid vacation time. As one of the most enjoyable jobs around — you basically get to explore the country while getting paid for it — trucking can be accomplished by basically anyone. After a high school diploma, you will only need to have passed your general driving exam before taking a few tests, then you will be ready to hit the road. Just be aware that, as a general rule, you have to be 21 before you can start driving a truck. You can then look for jobs on truck loads by checking out the services of Shiply.


If you have liked watching plain-clothes cops on TV and wondered if you could do that, the good news is that becoming a detective does not necessarily require any form of higher education. You can start by enrolling as a regular policeman on the beat and then after a couple of years, you can usually graduate to a full-time detective, solving crimes and earning a great salary along the way.

Nuclear Power Operator

Rather remarkably, If you want to work in a nuclear power plant, you don’t actually need a degree in nuclear physics or a similar qualification. One can get hired as a trainee in a role within a power plant and then after several years of training, be given an important role within the plant. Due to the complexity of the role and the large amount of training that it needs, people working within this role can expect to get a high salary.


Transportation and Distribution Manager

With more and more people buying stuff online, something exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, people working in transportation and distribution are needed more than ever. This means that people working in management roles within this industry are expected to command rather lucrative salaries, all without needing a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Programmer

As what a computer programmer does is so technical, it might seem to the outside that those within that role actually do need a bachelor’s degree. While more computer programmers have degrees than those who don’t, it is not actually a prerequisite to getting a job within the industry. You will find that many start-ups will be more interested in the type of work experience and the programming languages that you know than what you actually studied at college.



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