Flying Cheese Attacked in Spectacular Viral Video

YouTuber Tasty Hoon has gone viral recently with his new mukbang video, in which his effort at a cheese fondue went astonishingly, hilariously wrong.

In the 8 min clip uploaded on Wednesday and shared over 42,000 times on Twitter, the South Korean YouTuber prepared a delicious-looking meal of fried chicken and cheese to enjoy but things go sideways. It’s a common food mixture, and many YouTubers before him have pulled it off without an event.

Tasty Hoon’s downfall, however, was that he tried to liven up his video by placing the cheese in a fountain. It sounds like a good idea — cheese fondue fountains are surely a thing, and it would add an exciting visual component to his mise en scene. Unfortunately, his cheese wasn’t quite fluid enough, and the scene quickly got messy.



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