Four Brilliant Ways to Make Your Bingo Games More Fun

Bingo is one of the world’s most popular pastimes. In fact, in Britain, the industry rakes in more money than Netflix and Spotify.

However, if you play a lot of bingo then you may find it can become monotonous. Thankfully, regardless of whether you’re a solo player or a social butterfly, our fun and easy tips are guaranteed to make your games even more fun than ever before.


1. Build Your Own Bingo Kit

One of the great things about playing bingo is that there’s no need for it to cost you a single penny. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to make your own bingo kit at home. All you really need is:

  • Some paper for your bingo cards
  • Some pens or markers to mark the cards
  • Some ping pong balls (or you can use folded paper if you don’t have these)
  • Storage for the balls (although bingo halls use machines, you could simply place yours in a hat or a mixing bowl)

If you’re short on space or you simply don’t fancy doing lots of numbering and cutting, then you can use a random number generator online to help you. Plus, this way, with true randomness, there won’t be any accusations of cheating!


2. Customize the Game to Suit Your Friends

Classic 1-90 bingo has been a favorite for centuries. However, if you’re playing with your friends, you can vary the game and build your own version. So, consider fun options like:

  • Embarrassing picture bingo, where you swap the numbers for photos everyone can laugh at
  • Fun fact bingo, where you read out a clue and people have to identify the person it relates to

By adding a personal touch, you’ll really bring the game to life and make it much more engaging for people who don’t traditionally play.


3. Play Online and Bring a Different World to Life

If you prefer playing bingo by yourself rather than as part of a social group, then consider transporting yourself to the world of online bingo.

These themed games allow you to transport yourself to a different realm in a high-tech world. For example, if you play online the Deal or No Deal game will allow you to take on The Banker, just like on the TV show. Depending on how much of a risk-taker you are, you can hold out for a big offer or maybe take an attractive deal and try to outsmart The Banker.

Deal or No Deal, not your thing? No problem! Thousands of online games now exist, so you could play bingo while exploring the pyramids of Egypt or winding through the jungle.


4. Play Different Styles of Bingo and Broaden Your Horizons

The prizes related to bingo are the reason why many of us play the game. But, there’s no reason why you have to play for cash and no reason why you have to stick to the standard rules in order to win.

So, why not make your own rules and offer bonus prizes? You could offer:

  • The Postage Stamp Prize: A reward for the person who fills the four top-right squares
  • The Corner Prize: A reward for the first person to fill all four corners
  • The Black Out: The first person to cover the whole board

By adding additional rules and prizes, you’ll keep more people entertained for longer.

Follow these four tips and you’ll have no problem convincing your friends to play. So, add energy, excitement, and passion by integrating these great ideas during your next bingo night.



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