Funny Blooper Video From PEACEMAKER

Director James Gunn released a hilarious new blooper video from his Peacemaker series and it involves John Cena’s Star Wars joke about Wookies having teeth in their butts.

In the scene, Cena is talking to Judomaster about his action figures and tells him not to try anything with the Chewbacca toy because Wookiees have teeth in their buttholes. He then says, “That’s canon,” with the straightest face.

The video is hilarious because Cena and the crew can’t stop laughing. Gunn shared the video with the following note:

Yes. This gives you a sense of what set is like. I’m off screen on the God-mike, constantly directing & tossing out new lines (in this case a line I couldn’t get through), while @johncena & @itsnhutle add their own two cents. It’s a fun set with talented people. #Peacemaker



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