Futurama Fans Revealed 14 Amazing Details They’ve Noticed

Futurama is a brilliant show and its attention to detail is brilliant. The jokes, character development, and story created a cult following over its 7 season run. In fact, people love the show so much that it’s even getting an official reboot with the original cast.

Fans from all over the world have been sharing their appreciation for the series by posting jokes and callbacks from the show that really demonstrate how good it is. Here are some of their favorite examples of the TV show’s spot-on continuity.


1. A Callback To Fry’s Final Answer On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Fry lost who wants to be a millionaire by answering “B nail final answer” before other answers were revealed. Then can be seen hammering a nail with a nail later on.

— u/writeprompter

2. Fry And Leela’s Cart From The First Season Appeared In Season 10

Abandoned amusement park cart on the Moon.

— u/DiirtySquirrel

3. Nibbler First Appeared In The Pilot Episode

Nibbler’s shadow appears in Futurama S1E1 “Space Pilot 3000.” This foreshadows the season 4 episode “The Why of Fry” in which it is revealed Nibbler is the reason why Fry was frozen.

— u/CantStandIdoits

4. Fry Made A Funny Comment That Was Called Back 46 Episodes Later

Fry’s girlfriends.

I’m going to jump on your top comment in hopes that maybe someone will actually see this. But in addition to this being continuity, it’s also foreshadowing. Leela says that it was just a radiator, so how could it show up at Fry’s funeral? Because it’s all a fever dream inside Leela’s coma.

— u/writeprompter

5. The Professor’s Old Crew From The Pilot Returned In Season Four

What happened to your old crew?

— u/DabuSurvivor

6. Two Words: The Smelloscpe

In S1E8 of Futurama, the professor hurriedly invents “The Smelloscope” during a symposium. It is later seen in season 2 episode 14 while the professor shows Cubert his inventions.

— u/angrytacoz

7. Bender S**ting Bricks Is Explained After Ten Seasons

Bender is still able to s**t bricks, even after 10 seasons.

— u/Akashic101

8. The Universal Translator Explained

Futurama universal translator S2 E10 then back in S9 E5

— u/[deleted]

9. Leela’s Mutant DNA Mentioned Before It Was Revealed

The episode where Bender spills all the dark matter on Pluto and then pretends to be a penguin was an early sign that Lela was human. The episode takes place long before the mutant stuff comes in. After Bender is shot in the head and resets the first thing he sees is Lela. His programming says she’s human and reloads all his human programming.

— u/MightyThor211

10. An Old Man’s Journey Through Life Over 4 Seasons

Finally, after all these years, someone else got behind him in line.

— u/Combogalis

11. Callbacks To Bender’s Dream Of Being A Folk Singer

In the 2nd episode of Futurama, Bender sadly mentions that a robot would have to be crazy to want to be a folk singer, implying that he wants to be one. In the final season, Bender is offended that Fry has forgotten about his dream and is shown finally pursuing it.

— u/thesushipanda

12. Two Seasons Before They Were Introduced, Leela’s Parents Appeared

Leela’s parents can be seen in a crowd of mutants a full 2 seasons before their official reveal.

— u/vektonaut

13. After Six Seasons, The New Name Of Uranus Appeared

Futurama planet reference over 6 seasons.

— u/sonicwonic

14. After 3 Seasons Bender’s Vandalism Remains

Bender’s vandalism remains after 3 seasons

— u/LongtimeLurkersacc

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