Giant Skeletons Popping Up From The Streets Of Mexico

In the Tláhuac municipality, two giant skeletons have burst through the asphalt. Measuring over 3.35m and 2.1m tall, the sculptures are welcome forebearers of the annual celebrations that take place on November 1 and November 2.

The appropriately ghoulish sculptures were created by Jaén Cartonería, a family-run collective of artisans who have been carrying out this tradition for the past eight years. The design was dreamed up by Raymundo Medina Jaen as a way to show children in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood about cultural heritage. Made from cardboard, the sculptures took about one year to create and two days to assemble.

Salvaged rubble was used to give the illusion that the street had burst open.

Day of the Dead Skeleton by Jaén Cartonería



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