How Orwashers Makes Their Awesome New York Bagels

Keith Cohen, the owner of Orwashers famous and iconic New York City bakery, gave Tasty a behind-the-scenes tour of their bagel-making method. Cohen explained each step of the process in glorious detail and added the fact that he favors to steam, instead of boiling the bagels. This procedure allows their bagels to be a bit more crunchy on the outside while keeping that beautifully chewy texture inside.

People would say that’s a sacrilege and I understand why. The fact that we have steam as opposed to a regular bagel oven – that’s just dry heat. I thought it could take the place of the boil and in fact, it has. And every five minutes, almost, you could see the bagel get a little bit bigger. You’re gonna get this mahogany crust that you won’t with a regular boiled bagel.



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