How This New Superhero Trend Took The Huge Part Of Our Lives

Superheroes are not new in our daily lives but in the good old days they only exist on the produce of a tree, I am sure most of us love comic books and enjoyed them in the younger years, well some of us like it more than the others and that is where geekdom comes into existence, now after all this latest superhero hype rare and old comic books prices surged and now they are considered as a sizeable investment and inheritance, In the last decade superheroes reached the new heights and every industry is cashing in on with this new trend, Mostly the movie and TV industry is cashing in big with all the DC and Marvel movies and huge number of TV shows but this is not it gaming industry is not far behind they are working big on new generation of superhero titles and if you think things are going to stop there, you be wrong even the gambling industry trying to keep up with all the superhero mayhem, and many casino sites embraced superheroes figures to their games.

Marvel was the first to started out this new era of superheroes with the Iron Man movies and the Avengers initiative, and the biggest and greatest superhero movie of all time is about to come and it is Avengers: Infinity Wars and to prove my notion, Chris Hemsworth said in an interview that it will have more than 70 Marvel characters! Man, this is a lot! I didn’t even know the upcoming movie is going to have this massive amount of characters, how long is it going to be!?

Superheroes are everywhere, from coffee mugs to expensive themed mobile phones, they are here and they are here to stay and it is like all our favorite pass time leisure activities are based on superhero content.


With the huge surge of comic book fanatics coming out of the closet, fans have shown they’re ready for a geek-centric slate of superhero movies. The question is, will this hype ever die out? Well, I for one don’t think so this time studios are playing it smart and they know their target audiences and what they want and they are making it exactly that, serious and smart movies which are easy to digest and keep reality in check, they are not like 90s superhero movies, which was confused between comic book fans and audiences in the theaters. So with this new trend, things are changing around us, once again kids are picking out their superheroes buying their merchandise, printed T-shirts are cool again after the 90s, more and more people are learning about the origins of superheroes and the making of villains in the Marvel and DC multiverse. I for one loved to know all about Thanos, he will appear in Infinity Wars and according to Marvel he will be the meanest and the most powerful protagonist ever to exist in MCU.


The gaming sector is not far behind to make us fall in love with superhero games in the past superhero games are not well received with the gamers and to change all that a massive partnership between Marvel and Square Enix is formed to make a new Avengers game and it is being developed by Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. Which is well known for their outstanding work on the Tomb Raider series, Crystal Dynamic’s inclusion in this project points out that the new Avengers game will focus on third-person action and a blend of melee and ranged combat.

Now superheroes are not loved it or hate it kind of a deal, now almost everyone watched one or more superhero movies even if they don’t like such movies but they will definitely go with friends or to watch the movie to keep up with all the debates coming their way after the release of a movie, Black Panther had the biggest first-day ticket presale of any Marvel movie! This shows how many people are getting into this trend and the people who are unaware of superheroes now know a lot about them.

Check out the upcoming Marvel and DC superhero movies in 2018:



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