How to Avoid Embarrassing Streaming Fails

Embarrassing streaming fails, we’ve all been there, right? Whether we are a witness or a victim, streaming fails have crossed our path at one time or another. They can be embarrassing for both the viewer and the person behind it, but they can also be frustrating and hard to move on from. How do you avoid embarrassing streaming fails? This guide will give you some pointers in the right direction and help you avoid common mistakes that everyone has made at least once or even twice.


Make Sure You Have a Reliable Internet Connection

Number one is to make sure that you have an internet connection that you can rely on. This is the main problem in terms of streaming content live or otherwise. If your network is lacking, you won’t be able to stream efficiently. It’s just a cold, hard fact. Therefore, you need to do everything you can to boost your network and ensure a stable connection before you start the process. You can do this in several ways:

  • Remove all unnecessary devices from the network. This gives your device a stronger connection to the chosen router.
  • Put your router in the best position possible.
  • Consider a wired connection.
  • Invest in a booster for your Wi-Fi.

If you cover all these bases, then anything that happens will be an external factor as opposed to an internal, and totally avoidable one. So, even if you use it every day and it has never failed you before, it’s definitely worth exploring just in case.

Test Your Equipment

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is often overlooked, especially if the streaming is taking place with things that you use on a daily basis and have come to naturally trust and rely on. But malfunctions can happen at any time for any reason. Again, some of these are out of your control, but some of them can be fixed before they become an issue if you put the proper checks in place before your streaming. Test your mic, test your speakers, test your connection, and any other hardware that is a part of your repertoire. So many mistakes can be avoided by doing this.


Get the Right Laptop

Of course, if you don’t have the right kit then you won’t be able to stream properly regardless of intention and effort. So you can start by checking out Laptops for Streaming by Lenovo. Here you will find a trusted range of products that suit varying streaming needs and requirements. There is bound to be an option that fits in with your budget range. Lenovo is an expert in all things computing, and streaming laptops are a part of that expertise.

You don’t have to get caught short when you are streaming. Whether you are watching a movie, making live content, or hosting a meeting, having the right equipment around you, plus a trustworthy and well-supported network will help you avoid common streaming mistakes.



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