How To Cook YouTube Channel Is Debunking Cooking Hacks

Most of the life hack videos look like they wouldn’t work or are a lot more work than just using the right tool for whatever task it is trying to make your life easier.

YouTube channel How To Cook That run by Ann Reardon has done many debunking videos of a lot of various cooking “hacks” or recipes that just straight up do not work and never will or are actually seriously bad. I love her videos because as a food scientist and a brilliant cook in general, she can not only tell you it doesn’t work but she also reveals why they don’t work, and then her unfortunate husband will try eating many of the failed recipes. Then, she’ll show you the right way to create the things that the hack video was attempting to tell you.

Her new debunking video tackles hacks sent in by viewers, including the unique trend of trying to make carbonated milk. Check out her new debunking video below and then check out the channel to find more debunking videos as well as tutorials to make spectacular desserts which include Fortnite cupcakes or an Avengers cake.



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