How to Give Hemp Oil to Your Dog

Whether you have heard of hemp oil for dogs but are unsure about how to give this increasingly popular natural remedy to your four-legged friend or you are already a CBD convert but are interested to learn about potentially different ways that your dog could get their daily dose, you have come to the right place.

Hemp oil for dogs is known for its ability to help naturally improve your pet’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. From reducing the symptoms of separation anxiety to helping to ease joint pain, to increasing the appetite of older or unwell dogs, hemp oil has so many advantages for your pooch.

However, how do you determine, as an owner, what method of taking hemp oil is best for your dog?

Keep reading to find out . . .

Oh, and in case you are wondering, hemp oil will not get your dog high!


Add it to a treat

What dog doesn’t love a tasty treat from their owner? Arguably the easiest and sneakiest way to get your dog to ingest anything unfamiliar, adding hemp oil to their favorite treat, will help mask the flavor and the texture of whatever hemp oil product you choose to give them.

Alternatively, why not make your life even more straightforward and purchase a selection of hemp doggie treats from CeeBeeDoo, a trusted supplier of 100% organic hemp treats for dogs. You can choose from a variety of delicious flavors, including bacon, chicken, and cheese. Plus, these treats are packed full of omega 3 fatty acids that help to support your dog’s body functions, including their eyesight, joint health, and cognitive function.


Add it directly to their food

If your dog is wary of new treats, you may want to try adding it directly to their food. However, it is worth noting that this will only work well if your dog eats dry dog food, if you add hemp oil to wet food, it is likely to separate in the bowl and your clever canine will instantly notice that something is amiss.

You should also ensure that you thoroughly mix the hemp oil into their food as otherwise, they may just eat around it. Dogs can be super sneaky like that!


Drop it directly into their mouth

If you have a dog that is used to taking medicines orally, then this may be the best option for you. This method also allows you to be very precise about the amount of hemp oil that you give to your dog.

Simply squeeze the recommended dosage slowly into your dog’s mouth, being careful not to make them gag and pay attention to ensure they are actually swallowing the oil.

It can be a good idea to follow up this method with a treat to make the experience more pleasurable for your dog.


Add it to their water

For those that struggle to administer hemp oil directly into their dog’s mouth, you may want to try diluting it by adding it to their water bowl. If you are worried about the taste, you should know that many high-quality hemp oils are completely odorless and tasteless, so your dog should not be able to notice any difference in their daily water.

If you do choose this method, make sure that you still use the correct dosage so that your dog can fully enjoy the benefits of this natural remedy.



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