How To Turn Photos Into Paintings

If you are looking for ways how to turn photos into painting service, you can find here the best advice. Besides acquiring the notions of artistic principles, you will have to get used to the way you work with these paints. The better you understand them, the easier the painting experience will be, more pleasant and quicker. Therefore, referring strictly to the properties of oil colors, there are three tips that I want to give you.

Do not be afraid of mistakes

Oil painting is ideal for those who tend to change their minds. Undiluted paint dries hard, in a time of 2-4 days. For 24 hours after being put on the canvas, the oil colors can be taken and placed back on the pallet. Of course, the faster you act, the easier it will be. There are several ways to correct and adjust paintings in oil.

You can shave the color with a painting knife. Following this operation, the canvas will remain with a thin layer over which you can paint right away. It’s a useful method especially if you think you used too much paint and you want to recover some of it.

Read all about it here.

If the thin layer bothers you (for example, you want a warm color but before you use a cold color), then soak a cloth in the thinner/ oil and rub the area you want to remove.

If the paint has already dried, you can paint over in a thick layer. Oil paints are transparent only if they are diluted. Pay attention to the specifications on the paint tubes. Some nuances are more opaque, while others are more transparent.


Do not make the painting a little harder than it should be

For those who want to paint only for pleasure and from time to time, I do not recommend them to learn techniques for preparing the canvas. It’s better to buy a treated cloth directly. Why waste your time (and so precious for you) with priming? I’m telling you this because I’ve met people working ten hours a day, they also have the housework for the rest of the time and barely little time over the weekend to relax. For such people, it is essential to be able to immediately grasp the color on the canvas, and finish the painting as quickly as possible.

In order to finish a painting faster, the appropriate utensils are needed. For example, it is useless to paint on a large canvas with a small brush. Small brushes are just for details. Otherwise, it’s best to use the right tools for everything and every effect you want to play. Likewise, the foliage and grass are things that can be painted with a brush with the right hair, and not with repeated movements with an inappropriate brush.

Do not neglect the usefulness of the painting knife. With it, you can either stretch the color on a large surface, smoothly or make impressions of perfectly straight lines. Why complicate yourself by concentrating on a straight line with a brush, when pressing the edge of the knife you get a better and simpler effect?

Take care of your health

Traditionally, oil painting involves the use of toxic substances (turpentine) diluents. You can minimize the effect of oil if you work in a very well-ventilated room, or even outdoors. But, best to get rid of a headache, if you replace turpentine with another odorless oil thinner. Ask at the store, because you will surely find plenty of alternatives.

Or, you can use the oil colors as they are, without diluting them. Classic and modern impressionists use paints in their vicious conditions.

If you still want to paint in a more realistic, layer-thin, thin, and transparent layer, then I also recommend you try the water-based oil colors. In this case, you can dilute the colors with a little water for the first layers of color, and then with the top layer oil. What you cannot do, however, is to dilute the dyes with both water and oil at the same time.

Diluents used in oil painting are not the only substances that can endanger your health. Pigments used in the manufacture of paints – those that give the desired color – can also be toxic. For Examples, are substances such as cadmium, chromium, zinc sulfate, and lead. Manufacturers of paints have considered these things and removed the colors that contain these substances from the market.



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