IKEA Made Mock Consoles For PS5 and Xbox Series X Because They Are Huge For The Cabinets!

The new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles are huge! — in fact, the PS5 is the biggest game console in history. Their sizes can make purchasing a new entertainment center that can actually hold them is a bit of a challenge. But Ikea comes up with a solution to help you out: the company made sizing guides in the form of same size boxes to help you figure out which cabinets and entertainment units can hold the new consoles.

The mock consoles are approximately the exact shape as the new consoles, with measurements written on the side. There’s also some amazing marketing copy on the PS5 mock box to tell the people exactly what it should be used for: “Which Ikea media storage unit will be able to fit my new, meme-ishly oversized, gaming console?”

The boxes are very useful for new buyers. You won’t have to take your actual PS5 or Xbox Series X to Ikea just to make sure they are perfect fit for your new entertainment center. But the choice about whether to stand the consoles upright in vertical setting or put them horizontally it is totally up to you.



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