Let's Make Some Xenomorph-Style Food With This ALIEN-Inspired Cookbook

Check out this new cookbook which is coming out and it features food inspired by the Alien film franchise. There’s a lot of exciting food here that you can make that looks like all sorts of Xenomorph deliciousness! While the food looks gut-wrenching, I’m certain that it tastes good and It’s the ideal kind of food to make throughout the Halloween season!


Check out the description of the Alien: The Official Cookbook:

Delight your friends with a journey through the Xenomorph’s terrifying life cycle. Alien: The Official Cookbook collects together 50 recipes inspired by the cult Alien franchise; featuring recipes such as avocado Xenomorph eggs and chicken facehugger cordon bleu, there’s something to whet every appetite, no matter how monstrous.

Whether you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, or you’re just looking for the perfect quirky appetizers, this cookbook will thrill the eyes and the tastebuds. At last, it is your turn to be space’s greatest apex predator.




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