Lucky Charms Cereal is Changing Into The "Mischievously Delicious" Loki Charms

The new Marvel series Loki, The God of Mischief is creating some chaos in the timeline. Now Lucky Charms cereal has been transformed into Loki Charms! You can check out a commercial for it below.

Each cereal box of Loki Charms will cost $8 and the price does cover shipping. If you want to try and get early access to Loki Charms, you can check out the website to try and crack an encryption code. The first 1000 people who figure it out will get early access to the limited-time cereal before everyone else.

General Mills is releasing a new, “mischievously delicious” Loki Charms cereal, just in time for the release of Marvel Studios’ latest series on Disney+, Loki, which airs on Wednesday, June 9th.

Sadly, this is a limited edition run of only 3500 boxes of Loki Charms. They will be available for cereal and Marvel fans to buy on MischievouslyDelicious.com starting at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 9th to coincide with the premiere of Loki on Disney+.



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