Man Vs Biggest Full English Breakfast in the World

Danny of Rate My Takeaway went to Shepherds Place Farm in Haxey, England to try their popular Terminator 3 English Breakfast, which is said to be the biggest Full English Breakfast in the world.

This unbelievable plate of food comes with four of everything in a traditional fry-up. This means 12 pieces of bacon, 12 sausages, 12 rounds (fried bread), 12 eggs with beans and mushrooms, and 12 slices of toast – 64 items altogether. The mission is to finish the entire meal in one hour or less.

So we’ve got 12 of everything. Toast sausages bacon hash browns eggs tomatoes the beans…So I believe that this is a bit of a full challenge they’ve got. So they give you an hour to finish this bad boy. …You’ve got an hour to get through this mammoth plate. To be honest, I’ve never seen a breakfast this big.

Despite his huge appetite, Danny was not able to conquer the monumental or just mental challenge.

I can’t do this. …I tried my best. You know what, I’ve enjoyed the food it’s a cracking breakfast.

Take a closer look at the mountain of breakfast.



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