Maybe It's Time To Change Your Barber? (20 Hilarious Haircuts)

The hairstyle says a lot about you. Are you trying to make a point with it? Why would you do that? Or maybe the barber made a slip and you were too nice to say anything to them? You just walk around like that every day? I think its time to pick a hat.

1. You look like a Dr. Suess tree.

2. Good one, Dwight.

3. Where’s Bevis?

4. Good call.

5. Are those bangs to distract from the fact that you shirt just says “baseball”?

6. This isn’t even Karen’s final form.

7. When you wanted a haircut but they gave you a haircut.

8. Ok, I’ll allow it.

9. Someone come get Predator’s grandma.

10. Where’d you get that cut? Minecraft?

11. Guilty.

12. That a flux capacitor?

13. What bald spot?

14. This is some shit you do when you’re 12 because you think it makes you run faster.

15. I’ve seen this movie. It doesn’t end well for him.

16. This dude can only get like 7 lice.

17. I can’t talk shit. I rocked this haircut from the ages 6-13.

18. I like to imagine this guy has normal long hair but he just stopped really quickly.

19. Don’t go Jason Waterfalls.

20. The Ghost of Christmas Drugs.



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