McDonald’s Bowl of Melted Cheddar Cheese Will Take All Your Troubles Away

If you are in Brazil or traveling through it, You should go to McDonald’s. Why? Well, the fast-food giant just launched a bowl of melted cheddar cheese goodness that will have you dipping your burger, French fries, and whatever you like to dip in it.

“What if we made a pool of cheddar…?” the official McDonald’s Brazil Instagram account captioned the news on Dec. 8. The bowl consists of about 3.5 ounces of melted cheddar cheese that you can add to your order. So whether you’re craving a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, you can dip your meal in the cheese bowl for an extra layer of yumminess. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that cheese makes everything better.

This new menu item isn’t available in the U.S. — and I want to know who we have to talk to in order to change that? — we can still dream about the offering and look at the pictures like little hungry kids.


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