McDonald's Introduces The Adult Cream Pie In Japan

The cream pie is quite a traditional, yummy dessert. McDonald’s Japan is releasing a new version at its restaurants across the country with some sad innuendo.

In Japanese, “cream pie” applies to the dessert just like in the West. However, the English language “cream pie” slang is known in Japan.

There is a commercial and all! But all that innocent creamy goodness is ruined by poor word choice.

McDonald’s is naming this tasty treat the “Otona no Kuriimu Pai” (大人のクリームパイ), which means an “adult cream pie” and inadvertently summons the sexual slang. This was absolutely not the fast-food chain’s intent. I really hope so.

Otona no (literally, “adults”) can have a neutral meaning of something that is for grown-ups or something with sexualized connotations, simply adding adaruto (アダルト or “adult”) to Japanese language cream pie (クリームパイ) internet search results in an excess of unusual search returns.



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