Mom Turns Fried Eggs Into Incredible Meals

Is it possible to turn a regular meal into an amazing work of art? A Japanese mom is currently making news on social media for her amazing fried egg art. One of the most practical ways to attract kids into eating healthy meals is by catching their interest first. In Japan, there’s a thing called kyaraben where boxed lunches are brilliantly designed to be as eye-catching as possible. Rice balls shaped like animals, veggies in the form of flowers or hearts, and sausages shaped like octopuses. These are some of the most common examples of kyaraben art.

Kyaraben has been practiced by most Japanese moms as a way to attract their kids into eating their lunches at school. Furthermore, the craft itself has allowed artistic moms to reveal their creativity. Every mom has their own unique kyaraben style relying on their kids’ interests. But one particular Japanese mom has taken this art to another level with her glorious fried egg art.

Etoni Mama made her own Instagram page to showcase her amazing food art. From hearty meals to sweet treats, this Japanese mom has cleverly applied art to start anyone’s appetite even more. Even the most selective eater couldn’t possibly resist this attractive food. Etoni’s creations are definitely a feast for the eyes. But her fried egg art is definitely our favorite among her creations. By turning the yolk part into faces and bodies, she can make any anime or cartoon characters any way she wants. She uses nori (pressed seaweed) to draw the character’s hair and facial characteristics and other ingredients such as cheese, ham, and veggies to finish the design.



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