New Limited-Edition Dr Pepper Amazing Chocolate Flavor

Chocolate makes just about anything better. And if you’ve always wondered if fizzy drinks will ever get a chocolatey twist, then we’ve got great news for you! There’s a new Dr. Pepper Fantastic Chocolate variant, and it’s here to finally satisfy your curious taste buds. A soda that tastes just like a dessert? Well, it’s not exactly the weirdest treat in the world, right?

The classic soda has always been known for its bold blend of 23 flavors that make every sip a truly refreshing experience. Now, the brand is taking it even a notch higher by giving it a sweet chocolatey surprise. The release of the new sip comes just in time for the football season, which explains the sporty theme of the packaging.

To create your account, just scan the proof of purchase QR code on your Dr. Pepper purchases. To gain points, all you have to do is buy any Dr. Pepper product and upload your receipt to the website. So, this means that the more Dr. Pepper you drink, the more chances you’ll get at scoring this special edition sip. On top of that, you’ll also stand a chance at winning tickets to the College Football Playoff National Championship. There is also other Dr. Pepper merchandise that is up for grabs. So, it’s a win-win.

Source: Dr. Pepper Website



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