New Wine Pouches Are Basically Capri Suns for Adults

These new wine pouches from High Key Wine Co. make it easy to have a boozy sip with you at all times, whether you going to a concert or to the beach.

There’s no need for a corkscrew here! These single-serving wine pouches have a twist-top that reveals a built-in straw. I know, could it get any easier? It’s also resealable, so you can put it down in between sips.

The pouches come in three flavors: Sweet White, Semi-Sweet Rosé, and Dry Rosé. Each pouch is 187 milliliters, which is the standard glass of wine, and contains 12% ABV.

The best part is that these wine pouches can be delivered straight to your door. You can order a six-pouch variety pack, so you get two of each variety or a six-pack of one type. So now there’s never an excuse to not have wine on hand.



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