Numbers Of Managing The Risk of Making a Movie And TV

The potential for catastrophe for filmmakers is great and it features a lot of elements, said Brian Kingman, senior vice president of Aon/Albert G. Ruben, which provides coverage for the entertainment industry. “If an actor is incapacitated because of sickness, injury or death and cannot complete his or her role, the movie is in extreme jeopardy,” he provided as an example.

Today we have a very informative infographic featuring the numbers these huge movie and TV franchises has to pay to keep the film rolling. I am staggered about the numbers Game of Thrones paid in terms of ecosystem damages. Infographic below features Fast & Furious, Game of Thrones and Moulin Rouge to name a few – highlighting the cost that actor injuries and illnesses had of the filming of these huge productions.

Source: Aon Insurance




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