Numskull Revealed New TUBBZ Collectible Ducks

Numskull is starting the new year with five new TUBBZ collectible rubber ducks. Making bath time fun for kids with the introduction of My Hero Academia ducks, the Easter Bunny, and Data from Star Trek.

Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and All Might are the first ducks from My Hero Academia to emerge in the duck pond. Midoriya and Baukgo look good, but that All Might duck is ridiculous.

The Easter Bunny is ready to lay some eggs which make sense now that he is a duck. This adorable little duck comes with a little bunny suit and buck teeth.

Data has finally entered the crew of Star Trek ducks making the crew total of 14. Everyone’s favorite Lieutenant Commander android comes complete with pale skin, yellow eyes, and his loyal cat Spot. Don’t forget to add Data to your bath time crew.

You can check out these new ducks here.



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