Oblivion Mod Lets Players Order A Pizza From the Game

An Oblivion modder has now made it possible for gamers to order themselves an actual pizza to be delivered to them directly. Generally considered to be one of the best Elder Scrolls games around, this teenage Bethesda RPG may look pretty primitive when compared to the current gaming era, but it’s still a fan favorite, featuring some stunning visuals for its time, and some notable voice acting from the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean. Perhaps what’s helped keep the game in good favor all these years is the number of ways to tinker with the format.

Skryim have a wealth of weird and awesome mods made by the fans. Such examples include turning guards into chickens, giving the player a staff that produces sweet rolls, or the creepy one that converts the giant spiders into an eerie-looking Spider-Man. Oblivion is no different from such weirdness, and while a lot of mods seek to make improvements to the vanilla experience, either visually or by adding custom content that extends the game’s lifespan, there are those people in the community who want to inject something a little different.

That’s exactly what modder Nikies42 has done with their mod “Pizzablivion”. As spotted by PCGamer, this user has managed to create a way to order a Domino’s pizza through Oblivion. With a bit of tinkering, players can utilize a new character, who goes by Pizza Black and is situated outside Weye just west of the Imperial City, to have a real pizza delivered to their door. The option will appear to ask for the usual, which in this case will be a 12-inch thin crust, 8 garlic bread twists, and a 20 oz bottle of Fuze Lemon Tea, totaling $28.23 including tax and delivery. It is important that players edit the .py file and type in the correct delivery details beforehand. The modder also encourages anyone who can code to alter the order if they know how.



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