People Share The Unique And Specific Superpowers They’d Want To Have

In this age of superhero movies, it’s normal to think about what superpower you’d want to have. There are normal ones: flight, strength, invisibility, etc… But then there are the bizarre and weirdly specific superpowers talked about here.

1. You always wake up perfectly well-rested, no matter if you slept for 8 hours or 8 minutes, and no matter the time of day. – u/CandidateForDeletiin

2. A bar appears when you look at someone and it shows how horny/attracted they are for you. – u/Comrade_Chadek

3. If a waiter says “Enjoy your meal” and you answer with “You too,” a second meal will appear for the waiter to eat. – u/Jackthejanitor

4. You get sleep paralysis more often, but there’s a 69% chance that your sleep paralysis demon will be a succubus/incubus ( demons that will have intercourse with you) – u/TheWaterMaster

5. Every time you sneeze a pedophile explodes. – u/Jethalo

6. Any time you slap an object, you immediately know how much that bad boy can hold. – u/The_Moistest_Boi

7. Your genitals beep loudly when near someone who shares your kinks. The louder the beep, the more kinks you share. – u/DocHendrix

8. You experience every day twice, and you can pick which one becomes reality. – u/Francis962

9. Whenever you walk into a public restroom, you’re temporarily transported home so you can shit in peace. – u/miniwumboo

10. When you skip a song, the next one is always perfect for your current mood. – u/Gruka2



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