Pepsi Released a Coffee-Infused Soda with Double the Caffeine

It’s official: Pepsi is releasing its new coffee-infused cola drink in April 2020 for a limited time.

Pepsi Café, published on Thursday, blends the taste of a rich coffee with that of its trademark cola to produce two flavors, Original and Vanilla. According to the press release, the drinks have “just the right touch of roasted Arabica coffee, [which adds] a delightful combination of flavors to your caffeine routine.”

Each can contain nearly twice the amount of caffeine than normal Pepsi. PEOPLE staff got a first taste of the new sodas and can verify that they really do taste like both Pepsi and coffee. The vanilla variation is a sweet, refreshing twist on the classic vanilla flavor that can be found in so many coffee drinks, while the original flavor resembles that of a deep, rich black coffee with slightly sweeter undertones.





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