Pringles Launched The All New HALO-Inspired Moa Burger Flavor of Chips

If you are a fan of the Halo franchise, you might be going to love this. Pringles recently revealed a new limited-edition flavor to help fans of the famous video game franchise finally know what a Moa Burger would taste like. In case you’re not familiar, Moa is a giant flightless bird that is similar to the real and extinct bird from New Zealand. On the planet Reach in the Halo-verse, the Moa Burger is a signature dish for all to enjoy.

Gareth Maguire of Pringles said:

The Halo-verse has one of the greatest fan bases within the gaming world, so we had to create a flavor that would deliver on a taste fans could previously only imagine — the famous ‘Moa Burger. We pride ourselves in creating insanely accurate flavor combinations, and this was a fun one to develop. While Moa Burger has a flavor that appeals to everyone, we expect this to be enjoyed – and maybe even collected – by Halo fans.

Pringles Wavy Moa Burger will come with a bold crunch, a wavy texture, and a mix of flavors that includes savory beef, sweet ginger, and garlic. There’s also a bit of heat from chili pepper and red pepper for that extra kick. You can find cans of the potato chip at the start of March from Walmart stores and Walmart.com.



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