How To Rock At Poker? Start Off With These Amazing Songs First!

A game of Poker can be a real challenge unless you are in a perfect mood for it. The mindset can make or break both your attitude and the entire game mechanics.

It’s always more fun to bluff and invests more if the day is sunny while your tummy happily fed with a colossal burrito.

You can always use SoundCloud to mp3 service to load up more songs for your offline usage.

Mainstream mindset enhancers

Watching a film or two can help as well. Movies like Maverick or the Cincinnati Kid perform real magic. Simply seeing them for the first time lights an urge within you. An urge that can only be satisfied with either Windows casino games of a real-deal match in Vegas with high stakes and fair odds.

But is there anything else that can be of assistance in preparations? Perhaps there is a magical mindset switch that does not take several hours of screen time to absorb properly?

Let the music hit you

Music is by far the best way of getting in the mood known to men. We have used mighty beats to prepare for bloodthirsty battles, we enhanced celebrations with rhythmic drum notes, heck, even your first kiss is probably associated with a song. Surely some of these magical melodies can perform miracles before a poker game commences.

Here’s an impressive list of tracks to get your game on point, you are welcome!

  • Lady Gaga and her prominent ‘Poker Face’. Surely there is no way we would have missed out on this gem. The very soul of the song amplifies your bluffing abilities like a magic hat in any RPG game would boost your stats.
  • ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Elvis is also a known hit to enhance the gambler within. Although this song is slightly too broad for poker nights alone the general mood it sets is pure Vegas, baby!
  • ‘Ace of Spades’ by Moorhead is a lovely old school rock hit for a wild, unrelenting experience that’s sure to set your expectations for success, if not anything else.
  • ‘Hush’ by the charming ladies from Pussycat Dolls. There’s just something extraordinary about the beats of the nineties, especially the more funky ones. RnB roots, the Samba rhythm, and the juicy memories will enhance your gameplay and cover the bluff with a happy face and a stomping foot.
  • Xzibit’s ‘The Gambler’. The name of the song says it all. The lyrics don’t fit into the concept that much but, frankly, who cares, given we are talking about some classy Rap & Hip-Hop moments?

Do you have any other cool poker songs to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section!



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