Roll Some Sweet Edible Candy-Themed Dice

The Secret Cat Shop is a little shop that creates miniatures, dice, and a lot more. Well, they’re going to launch a new Kickstarter for some awesome math rocks in a couple of weeks. The Sweet Shop Dice Collection is a new set of dice that is intended to look like classic candies that you may have eaten as a child. They look utterly gorgeous and like a lot of fun to roll. The Kickstarter will start on September 8 but you can head on over to Kickstarter now to sign up for announcements for when the campaign formally launches.

There will be 7 soft-edged dice sets ready or you can even pick ‘n’ mix them for your perfect grab bag. In addition, a fine edge pastel set and a handmade sweetie dice bag will also be available. If you live in the UK and EU, you’ll also have the potential to get some handmade gummy dice from Honey Badger Games.



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