Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple iPhone 6 In This Hilarious New Advertisement

After the big revealing of iPhone 6 that Apple did, Samsung didn’t waste any time in coming up with adverts that mocked the most anticipated launch of this year. The series of ads was dubbed as ‘It Doesn’t Take a Genius’ and pointed towards the Apple’s in-store Genius bars. The ad shows two employees talking (more like moaning) about the new devices while promoting why Galaxy Note 4 should be the users’ choice.

One video covers the fact that the Apple’s live stream crashed on Tuesday and one of the employees is seen stuttering and freezing and the other guy goes like; ‘You can’t handle a live stream? You work in technology. Unbelievable.’ The Galaxy Note 4 was unveiled at IFA event in Berlin.

The second advert aims at the larger screen. The employees are watching the live stream and one says; ‘We’ve been waiting two years for us to do something groundbreaking. Here it is. A bigger screen.’ The other guy responds with; ‘Wait. A bigger screen? Every other phone has a bigger screen.’

The third advert in the series shows the employees breaking a sweat while trying to draw on the device without a stylus pen and the other talks about lack of multiple windows – both as you can expect, are offered by Galaxy Note 4. The battery life has been made fun of as well while quoting the faster capacity when it comes to charging of Note 4. The iPhone being a fragile phone has been discussed as well and the last advert shows the employees talking about Apple Watch and stating that Samsung already has a wider range of such wearable technology.




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