SCREAM Strawberries and Scream Cereal is Coming Out Soon

The Scream horror movie franchise is getting themed cereal. It’s called Strawberries and Scream and it is being manufactured in the UK in promotion for the upcoming 5th movie in the franchise and it even comes with a talking cereal box!

The product comes from Cereal Killer, which describes the product as, “The World’s first official Scream Cereal, available exclusively at Cereal Killer. This isn’t just an amazing cereal, the Collector’s box is the first-ever talking cereal box! You’ll know what your favorite scary movie is once you get your hands on a box of Scream Cereal! This Strawberries and Cream Flavour mallow cluster are packed with a strawberry and cream punch and loads of strawberry jelly bits, with whole dehydrated marshmallows.”

The cereal won’t be available at your local grocery store. if you want a box, you can join the Cereal Killer mailing list for updates on the cereal and you can see the new Scream movie in theaters on January 14, 2022.



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