Some Funny Episode of my Student Life

Student life is one of the strangest periods in anyone’s life. How should I know? Well, I had to do it! I spent three years studying in University in the UK, and during my time there I experienced a load of different instances that are the epitome of student life. I’m going to tell you a little story of something that happened to me in my first year, don’t worry, the story is perfectly above the board! But it goes to show just how strange and comical student life is.

I was studying Drama and English at Queen Mary. I was halfway through my first year and I was absolutely loving it! I loved learning about things in such immense detail, and I loved being my own boss and deciding when I should be studying and when I should be relaxing. Of course, being that it was halfway through the year, everyone was extremely busy. I and my friends were rushing around, struggling to get essays completed on time. If you’ve ever been in a working space with that sort of atmosphere, it is not pretty at all! All of my friends were extremely stressed and trying very hard to stay ahead of the tide!

And to top it all off? A very good friend and a friend of the whole groups’ birthday were on the horizon. He was looking to celebrate his 21st birthday, and this being the case, was looking for everyone to get heavily involved in some sort of crazy party that everyone could enjoy! He planned to go to the pub for a few drinks and let everyone meet there, and then go onto a club later on that night where everyone could have a great time dancing and chatting with each other. Being that he organized early in the year, I was so excited at the time I just said yes without even thinking. As did all of our friends, it seemed like such a good idea at the time! But as the year got ahead of us, we realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as just turning up there and partying, we all had studies to be getting on with! It was well too late for any of us to get any support from Paperial or any similar website. I had a performance justification to hand in, someone had an essay on the Battle of Hastings to hand in, and another friend had a lab report order that had to be handed in really soon. It was a nightmare!

We all grouped together a few days before the party and gradually began to understand that no one felt ready to go to this party. Everyone couldn’t spare the time and needed every waking moment they had to get their work in. We all felt very disappointed in ourselves but knew what we had to do. One by one we contacted the birthday boy, and let him know that unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to make it to the celebrations. We wished him the best birthday ever and expressed our sadness at not being there.

I dragged myself to the library the night of the party to study and found one of my friends already there. I sat down next to him, and we both looked dully at each other. Gradually, one by one, each of our friends sat with us and got their heads in their books ready to whittle the night away studying in the library. Every now and again one of us would let out a big sigh and exclaim how annoying it was we couldn’t be there at the party and how jealous we were of those that were there. However, after a few hours, someone else came walking into the library, the birthday boy himself! He had a big badge on stating that it was his birthday, but his face told a different story! We all expressed confusion as to why he was in the library and not having fun at his party! And he simply said, ‘too much work’, plopped himself down, and started working. We all laughed out loud, as did he, we had all left it a little too late! Just goes to show that you really need to keep up to date with the work!

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