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Stunning Handmade Cakes With Highly Reflective Marble and Glass-Like Icing

Russian baker Olga Noskovaa creates beautiful handmade cakes and other baked goods that are absolutely flawlessly decorated with a highly reflective icing that appears like glass in individual colors and like a shiny marble when colors are combined. The marble is effect is so smooth and shiny which you have never seen before. 💙💙💙 A photo […]

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Black Cosmos Cake is Out Of This World And Galaxy Apart From Other Cakes

Creative baker Heather Laird is fan of the Hubble Telescope, so much so that she felt inspired to craft a cake after it. The baker from Knoxville, Tennessee told in an interview that she brainstormed the idea of a starry galaxy cake after falling in love with photographic images from the Hubble Telescope. Baird shares: “Before I […]

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