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15 People Who Are Feeling Just A Little Bit Awkward Right Now

Those of us who recognize as socially incompetent human beings are well informed with the feeling of utter humiliation. Whether it’s in front of friends or strangers, we always happen to find a way to completely mortify ourselves in public. These are just a few examples of people who experienced the most awkward moments of their lives and actually […]

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21 Brilliantly Brutal Responses To An Ex Text That Should Probably Be Framed

Sometimes the only true way to exterminate a previous significant other from your life is to savagely shut them down when they hit you with that 2 am ‘I miss you’ text. At least, that’s what these people did and we’re pretty sure their exes won’t be back anytime soon. 1. This person who’s clearly busy: textfrommyex 2. This person […]

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