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25 Phenomenal Street Art That Give a Totally Different View of This World

Here are 25 examples of truly outstanding street art from around the world that seemingly remove the border between the real world and the imaginary one. Grenoble, France © NEVERCREW Washington, USA © Douglas Hoekzema (hoxxoh) Bergen, Norway © afk_artworks San Pablo del Monte, Mexico © Hesiucka Jolubacku Esteli, Nicaragua © XAV Anderlecht, Belgium © Smates Los […]

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Creative Mom and Daughter Create Dresses with Flowers, Food and Forced Perspective

Artist Alya Chaglar has discovered a new fun way to play dress-up with her 3-year-old daughter Stefani. Using the power of forced perspective, Alya strategically positions various flowers, They used the power of forced perspective, Alya creatively positions various flowers, fruits, and vegetables, turning the ordinary objects into amusing dresses for her daughter Stefani to […]

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