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Why KFC Is So Popular Christmas Dinner In Japan

The yearly ad campaigns and meal ordering have made KFC part of Japan’s holiday season. This Twitter user writes, “If we’re talking Japanese Christmas, it’s gotta be KFC!” Of course, not everyone eats KFC at Christmas in Japan (not everyone celebrates Christmas!), but the fast-food chain has become inseparable from the day. 日本のクリスマス…と言えばやっぱりケンタ! pic.twitter.com/M5do8jlnrD — Rin […]

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Now You Can Cook KFC’s Secret Recipe From 1940

For 67 years (since 1940), the KFC company carefully kept their chicken recipe secret. Recently, the Chicago Tribune newspaper published it. The newspaper got the original recipe of ’11 herbs and spices’ from Colonel Sanders’s nephew. The man found it in the notes of the second wife of the KFC founder. Here is the legendary recipe that allows you to cook delicious chicken. […]

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