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30 Most Hilarious And Most Relatable Memes In Internet History

Memes are those self-deprecating little jokes that make our worlds go round. Over the years, they went from just a few “characters” to becoming the center of our entire social media existence. Why? Well, it’s simple: essentially, memes know us better than we know ourselves. They’re the kind of jokes, words, and photos that make us stop and say–”Wow, this is […]

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25 Memes You Need Right Now

These aren’t the most hilarious memes. These aren’t the dankest memes. These aren’t the newest, hottest memes. Heck, some of them aren’t even actual memes. These are meant to pick you up when you are down. This is a safe place to come every week and feel good. You deserve it. I love you. 1. […]

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