That's How Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers Are Made

The Discovery Science Channel’s incredible and interesting series How It’s Made takes a look behind the scenes at how peanut butter sandwich crackers are actually made. This is one show which I never miss, As with most package food, the machines do most of the work, though there are some humans are present in the process as well.

A quick dust with flour and the dough now goes under a rolling cutter that scores it to cracker-size proportions. The cutter is also spiked with pins that puncture the dough. The holes give the crackers a dimpled look, and they have a practical purpose–allowing steam to escape during cooking for a crispier snack.

Just like sandwich cookies, the tops and bottoms are separated with the filling connecting the two.

The top crackers now head downward in a precise configuration, while below, the bottom crackers whiz by the peanut butter depositor. It pumps a dollop of peanut butter onto each bottom cracker. The peanut butter-covered bottom crackers now move forward to meet up with the top crackers.



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