That's How You Cook Ram-Don Dish From PARASITE

Most of us love ramen, and when I first saw the Ram-Don in Parasite, I wanted to eat it, but I had no idea what it really was or how to prepare it.

Now, thanks to Binging with Babish we now know precisely what the recipe requires and how to cook it! The ramen bowl mixes two kinds of instant noodles along with an extravagant Korean sirloin.

Rarely does a dish serve as such a central metaphor for a film’s primary conflict: in Parasite, boujee beef sits oppressively atop bargain noodles in the Park family’s version of Ram-Don, the way they sit so literally atop others. It was tricky doing this one without spoilers, but I think I managed!

After he makes the simple movie version, he makes it all from scratch. Even making his own noodles. It looks awesome and I will try to cook it later on! Wish me luck.



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