The 50 Best Gifs of 2018

Below you will find our 50 favorite gifs from every shirk report in 2018.

THE 50 BEST GIFS 0F 2018!

– Friday!
– Me vs all responsibilities this week
– When you think it’s New Year’s Eve but realize it’s not for another 3 days
– People did some amazing things this year
– Others, not so much
– Some were on auto-pilot
– Some were just happy to be here
– Birthdays came
– Birthdays went
– We danced
– We laughed
– We cried
– We tried
– We improvised
– We laughed again
– My fav gif of 2018 might be this guy trying to take a pic and taking a selfie instead
– Holy crap the Olympics were this year!?
– A crab threatened to kill me
– Minds were blown
– Winds were blown
– Shoes were lost
– Buzzers were beat
– Your mind played tricks on you
– And not all heroes wore capes
– That was fast | but this was faster
– Mr. Steal Yo Girl
– Mr. Did I Stutter Motha%$@#*&
– Just once, I’d like to enter a party like this
– And put on my glasses and raise my eyebrows like this
– When your opponent calls your bluff
– And launches the ultimate sneak attack
– Okay let’s do a quick warmup and marvel at humans doing awesome things
– Like this
– Like that
– And let’s never forget little wins like this
– Kiki challenge can stay in 2018
– Guy in the middle did pretty good! (okay now look at the guy on the left)
– Talking about politics in 2018
– Fifth time’s the charm!
– #1 sports play of the year
– Most gratifying instant karma of 2018
– How I will scale all fences in 2019
– “Not now chief I’m in the zone”
– One final *boop*
– One more jump
– 2019 is your year
– Here’s to 52 more
– K bye 2018
– Until next year



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