The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week

It’s sometimes tough to decide what the worst month to work is, but December makes a good case for being in the top three. We’re compelled to give one last burst of end-of-year effort after the sluggishness of Thanksgiving, all while it’s getting increasingly cold and dark and hard to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s fair to say that most employees have other things on their minds during their shifts at the moment, even more so than usual. In case you needed a little refocusing, these work memes are here to remind you that this whole ‘having a job shebang still exists, and we’ve got to keep on doing it. I know it’s hard, but with a little support from each other, we’ll find the comedy in getting through it.

Product - The "I don't actually hate my job" Starterpack Employees choose where to work Income allows you to buy one of these... ... and pay comfortably for stuff like this TIENTS ADDRESS Utility Bills Cost of Net living salary None of this nonsense Having lots of time for non-work related activities 4 day (or less) working week ୧୯୯୧୧୧୦୯୯୯୯ PIZZA PARTY 200 Fair wages, safe working conditions, paid sick leave, paid parental leave, job security, and comprehensive benefits MicromanagingCartoon - Me and one of my coworkers as soon as our boss turns their back what indeed Anything where Anywhere Find JobsHand - When you're halfway to work and realize you forgot your phoneProduct - Re-writing an entire email so I don't sound as negative and annoyed as I really am B petty me mature meEyebrow - Me driving home from work knowing Im only going home to eat and sleep sol can do it all again tomorrowSleeve - imgflip.com AHOT Being a dick to your employees doesn't make them respect you. It makes them hate you, their job and want to quitForehead - When they open Powerpoint and you see slide "1 out of 243"Font - Jason Mustian @jasonmustian Do you mind if we push our call to tomorrow? I've been dreading it all day but would like to dread it all day tomorrow as well. Thanks for understanding.Forehead - ATRADE OFFERA i receive: Your happiness you receive: A thermos with our logo on it at Christmas Corporate AmericaPhotograph - Me complaining about my job even tho I spend my entire workday texting my friends and sending them memes TIPSYDRUNKSmile - That overly cheerful coworker waiting for you every morning: Otalentesejobs M SerseFont - ME WATCHING OTHER COMPANIES Juano GIVE OUT HOLIDAY BONUSESCartoon - Me trying to get the equipment at work to actually work properly... @officialworkmemes 0.0



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