THE DONUT KING Trailer is Here, About The Immigrant Who Created a Donut Empire in California

If you love donuts, As I do! I can’t say no to a donut! They’re just so yummy and like Homer, I just love donuts. Well, today I’ve got a trailer to share with you for a new documentary that puts a center on a man who created a huge donut empire in California.

The doc is called The Donut King, and it tells the beautiful and heartwarming story of a Cambodian refugee named Ted Ngoy, who rose to the very top of the donut world and is the reason why you don’t see a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts in California.

The Donut King synopsis :

Everything you thought you knew about the donut begins with Ted Ngoy. THE DONUT KING tells the unlikely story of Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who arrived in America in 1975 with nothing and set out to build a multi-million-dollar empire by baking America’s favorite pastry, the donut. Ngoy soon found himself living a classic rags to riches narrative after sponsoring hundreds of visas for fellow Cambodian immigrants, helping them get on their feet in a new land by teaching them the ways of the donut business and amassing a small personal fortune. By the mid 1990’s, Cambodian-Americans owned nearly 80% of the donut industry as a result of his influence. But, in life, great rises can come with even greater falls. THE DONUT KING is a story of tenacity, survival, redemption, and above all else, the power of the American Dream.

The Donut King was directed by Alice Gu and executive produced by Ridley Scott. It will air in select theaters and on Digital on October 30, 2020.



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