The Fascinating History of Ramen

I love ramen. It’s like one of my favorite foods and I eat all sorts from the cheap stores to the expensive stuff that you buy in fancy restaurants.

Most of us love this stuff but nothing about its history until I came across this video from Mental Floss and it’s utterly fascinating! Seriously, knowing this knowledge makes me love ramen far more!

The history of ramen features cameos from The Yakuza crime syndicate, the U.S. Army, and a businessman who turned a simple idea into a worldwide convenience food. Ramen is so much more than a cheap and filling meal. In this episode of Food History, we break down ramen as a cultural and historic artifact whose evolution continues today.

You’ll hear from a ramen lover who spent two years working in a Japanese ramen shop, and you’ll learn why ramen was practically outlawed in the years following World War II.



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