The Significance of Different Colors in Casino Games

Casinos are often hailed as being the places of luck and fortune, especially with the myriad of games they all have on offer. With all the cards, flashing lights, and colors going on, it’s easy to see the attraction. However, it’s important to know what all these colors represent as they might just be a good luck charm.

There’s a lot of colors present when you go into a casino, be it one made of bricks and mortar or one on a website, so where better place to start than discussing that one entity that’s a collection of color, the rainbow. Games such as Rainbow Riches utilize the whole color as a background to make the game look exciting. Rainbows are typically a symbol of hope, and providers play on this with this particular game, tying it with the “luck of the Irish” as the game also makes use of leprechauns.

Other than that, classic casino colors such as red and black carry weight in both online and physical settings, and the roulette wheel is probably the most famous exponent of these. Even in an online setting, the roulette wheel is still used for symbolic practice and imagery despite the game being decided by RNG. The wheel is also a key symbol outside of casinos and extended into the world of television game shows thanks to things like the short-lived British gameshow Red or Black. The two colors also form a vital part of winning combinations in poker and are of course the different colors for the four suits of cards.

Green is also associated with casinos, not least since it’s the color of money, especially in the United States. Casinos are often paved with green thanks to it being the color of the tables,  the double zero in roulette, and the money-changing hands every night. The reason why casinos pick green is usually psychological, as it signals calmness. The theory behind is that it makes people feel at ease as opposed to being nervous, as well as invoking a positive feeling.

Leading on from this, gold is also a key player when it comes to casino design. It’s most associated with piles of coins in a similar fashion to the pots of gold at the end of a rainbow. There’s a typical mental image of floods of gold coins coming out of slot machines when you win, as in the comedy film Rat Race, or gold bars being an image on the machines themselves. As casinos are so intrinsically linked with money, it’s a very easy association to make, and there’s not too much symbolism other than winnings and wagers.

It’s interesting to look into the meaning behind the sea of colors on offer in a casino to find out the reasons why they’re used. As with everything, there’s a whole raft of reasons for specific colors and they’re all a bit more intriguing than you might’ve first thought.



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