There’s 3 New Skittles Flavors Coming in Summer!

Skittles are getting a summertime makeover-in the form of three new limited-edition packs! Each one is very different, so they’ll make for a fun warm-weather snack.


The original Skittles flavors are strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, and grape. The new packs-Skittles Imposters, Skittles Freeze Pop, and Skittles Sour Wild Berry-will send your taste buds a bunch of fun flavors. However, each pack is only available at select retailers, so you’ll need to seek them out.

  • Skittles ImpostersWalmart exclusive (4-ounce share size and 14-ounce lay down bags): Prepare to be a bit confused while eating this pack. The flavors don’t match the colors on the outside, so you’ll have to decipher between the tastes. You can expect Alter Ego Orange, Cryptic Citrus, Sneaky Strawberry, Undercover Apple, and Raspberry Ruse.


  • Skittles Freeze PopDollar General exclusive (2-ounce single packs): You know that freeze pops you ate as a kid? Now they come in Skittles form. This pack features the flavors you’d find in typical freeze pops, including blue raspberry, lemon, grape, orange, and strawberry.


  • Skittles Sour Wild BerryDollar General exclusive (12-ounce lay down bags): Love the regular Skittles Wild Berry? Now you can get them in a sour version! You’re sure to pucker (in the best way possible) with Sour Berry Punch, Sour Wild Cherry, Sour Melon Berry, and Sour Raspberry flavors.



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