This Incredible Flipbook Took 100 Days to Draw

The artist who draw this amazing book, who recognizes herself as ‘DP Art Drawing,’ actually clocked herself at 100 days (or 481 hours) to draw the 833 pages of “Lisa Flipbook.’This isn’t even the biggest flipbook that DP Art Drawing has created. She finished another 1,093 pencil sketches and sequenced them according to a scene from the movie ‘The Avengers’ where Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk.

Her name certainly suits her exceptional skills, as DP Art Drawing can “draw” using an unusually wide assortment of materials. Her YouTube channel is complete with incredible timelapse videos depicting her using thread, magnets, iron pens, and even a compass to make flipbooks, portraits, and more.

More of DP Art Drawing’s work and skill can be seen on her Facebook and Instagram.



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