Top Food Trends in 2017

2017 brought a lot of good stuff along like the new Star Wars movie or the total solar eclipse. However, the most important contribution of 2017 us in the food department with a lot of interesting and crazy trends that took restaurants and grocery stores by storm. From all sorts of mocktails with detox functions to having cake for breakfast, here’s a list of the most promising food trends of 2017.

Top Food Trends in 2017

Persian Influences

One of the least expected influences of the refugee crisis that affected the world in 2017 is the enrichment it brought in terms of food trends. With so many that fled their home and came to Europe and America bringing their culinary taste with them, it was inevitable.  And Middle Eastern cuisine can be seen all around Europe with menus that contain sour cherries, sumac, pomegranate or orange blossoms. All these follow the “invasion” of hummus, kabobs, and falafel in western countries.

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Purple Food

In case you were not aware of this trend, purple versions of the most popular vegetables were a thing for a while now. But it was more of a luxury product destined for fancy grocery stores or luxury restaurants. Now, this trend became a lot more mainstream and we can all enjoy purple potatoes, corn, cauliflower or asparagus. And the different color is not just a visual improvement, these purple vegetables also have a different composition when it comes to vitamins and healthy substances so mixing them with regular versions of them means more vitamins and nutrients for your body.

Sourdough Bread

Some reports in 2016 showed that sourdough bread was already a trending item and now we see the full effect of that popularity. Besides being a fancier version of bread it also has advantages especially for those that are gluten sensitive. If these persons eat bread that is made by a long fermentation of sourdough, the discomfort that is caused by gluten sensitivity is avoided. This process breaks down the peptides that make gluten an issue for those that are intolerant or sensitive. Besides that, the fermentation process creates a lot of good bacteria that help balance the digestive system so this is also a healthy trend you should really pick up.

Top Food Trends in 2017

Plant Butchery

This is also a trend that somehow started in 2016 but it reached its peak in 2017 with more and more restaurants and food distributors that are offering things like ribs, pepperoni or hamburgers that are made with legumes, vegetables or mushrooms to replace meat. And if you imagine a typical vegan burger, you’ll have to think again, we’re talking about dishes that taste just like meat making them very appealing for vegetarians and carnivores that wish to take a short break on meat consumption.

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Dessert for breakfast

Apparently, this trend is not some sort of practical joke, studies show that consuming dark chocolate in the morning has a good effect on the cognitive functions of your brain. It is also a good trend for those that pursue weight loss since eating sweets in the morning will at the same time reduce the desire to eat more throughout the day and makes it easier for the body to process it.  So, combining the two approaches, it was only a matter a time until brunch chocolate cakes or brunch restaurants offering a big dessert menu.

Edible cookie dough

Another trend in 2017 in regards to interesting food trends is the edible cookie dough. Yes, the things cookies are made is made available to you straight from the cup with no baking required.  If you’re going to try this trend, we suggest checking for ingredients like almond butter, chickpeas or sweet potato. It makes it taste awesome and it is also low on sugar.

Evening-Focused Drinks and Food

This one might have reached your ears before, however, it really seems that 2017 is a boom year for all this night-consumption aliments and drinks.  If you’re already with a raised eyebrow, Sleep Protein is a good example in that direction.

Dosha dining

Along with the rise of spices like turmeric and other oriental practices like Yoga and meditation, dosha dining enjoys a lot of popularity nowadays. Actually, Indian food is already well established in European culture, however, dosha personalized dining is still far from the popularity of other Indian dishes.

Plancha Grilling

Apparently, we were cooking our meat all wrong all these years. Used mostly in Spain and Mexico, a plancha is basically a thick slab of iron that can be used for cooking, especially frying meat.

Fancy Sardines

Although sardines kind of lost their popularity, according to some recent polls, that’s about to change. Some brands in Portugal are adding a modern spin to sardines making them interesting with different flavors and smoked varieties. And since they’re also high in omega-3 fat acids and protein, they’re perfect for your health as well.

Top Food Trends in 2017

Detoxifying Mocktails

Mocktails have started to expand way beyond the things you remember as a kid, they enjoyed a modern makeover and now are fresh and healthy. The sky is the only limit when it comes to crafting these delicious detoxifying mocktails.

Alternative pasta

If you ever wondered how pasta can become an alternative, find out that zucchini noodles and spaghetti are made of quinoa or lasagna sheets made from beans. So, after you get over the shock that you were living a lie, this category of ailments is going to boom in 2017 because they’re healthier and tastier.

So there you go, now you’re up to date with the latest food trends of 2017. Noticed any more recently? Let us know in the comments section.



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